Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) & ICT4D

Designing solutions with and not for the community.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Artificial Intelligence

Collaborative approach to research

The power of our various research interests and the cross cutting in the specialisation fields, help us to come together, formulate impactful research focus areas.

As a formidable force behind cutting edge research in the application of emerging technologies towards addressing societal challenges, our team of expertise have an agile approach in the execution of their research objectives.

We remain guided by the concept of developing solution with the society and for the society.

Main Research Focus Areas


Information Security

As data growth across various disciplines has been exponential due to technological advancements and the use of sensor technologies from IoT, the need to find practical solutions for Information security remains an ever growing focus area both for academia and industry players.


Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs help is laying a common ground for benchmarking the inclusivity to some extend for some possible solutions designed be it for information security and for emerging technologies. It is therefore paramount to consider how SDGs fits into the bigger equation towards designing holistic solutions from research perspective to the application designs.


Internet of Things

With billions of devices having the capability of effortlessly being connected to each other and across platforms, the cybersecurity landscape has never been the same again. With the increased attack surfaces the capability of AI could be harnessed hence the AIoT approach in our research focus.


Artificial Intelligence

As a two edged sword, AI and its extended domains demands both an open minded approach and a care approach to harness its potential from Machine Learning to Natural Language Processing especially in developing cyber secure IoT driven solutions towards ICT4D which are sustainable and ethical by nature.

Digital Forensics

Mobile and Cloud Forensics

With most of cybersecurity crimes and threats being perpetrated through mobile devices and cloud provisioning platforms, the call for research towards solutions and exposure of some of the dangers in such domains is growing.


Information and Communication Technologies Development for Development

ICTs as enablers for economic, social, and environmental solutions if not securely designed, implemented or maintained, remain the pain point.

We are flexible and open for collaborations in research that cuts across these disciplines.

Our students are the key drivers for most of the research domains above

We are proud of our pillars of support - Here are some of our mentors to the above Masters and PhD Students

Prof Attlee M. Gamundani

AIoT Research Focus

Prof Hippolyte Muyingi

ICT4D, Cybersecurity Focus

Dr Mercy Chitauro

Cybersecurity Focus

Mr Simon Muchinenyika

IoT Applications

Prof Gloria Iyawa

ICT4D Focus

Mr Edward Nepolo

Cybersecurity Focus

Prof Fungai Bhunu Shava

AI, ICT4D & Cybersecurity Focus

Mr Shadreck Chitauro

ICT4D Focus